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"The Grandeur"

Grey, Holstein
born 28th April 2014, 168 cm
Breeder: Kirsten Roll, Struvenhütten

Licensed 2017 in Munich by the Southern German Verband: Premium Stallion

Currently in sport


Lord Calando
Apocalypte Z
Achill-Libero H
Cassini II
Capitol I
Landgraf I

The Dutch father Tornesch was able to celebrate numerous successes under Malin Baryard-Johnsson/SWE, he successfully took part in the European Championships in Madrid/ESP and Aachen in 2011 and 2015 and placed a.o. in the World Cup Final in 2011 in Leipzig. In Germany five of his sons have already been licensed.

The second father, Cassini II, sired more than 40 licensed sons and almost 200 of his descendants are successful in advanced level courses, such as Centurio/Markus Renzel, Cassius/James Paterson-Robinson/AUS or Oak Grove's Celebrity/Harm Lahde.

The grandmother Alme is the mother of the licensed and medium level (M) show-jumping successful Camposanto (by Carthago), the medium level (M) show-jumping horse Alice (by Alcatraz) and the advanced level (S) show-jumping horse Czesanne (by Carthago). Czechmate (by Carthago) was licensed in the United States by the AHHA and is successful in 1.40m show-jumping competitions.

The third father Landgraf I has brought 100 licensed sons, the prize money of his descendants amounts to almost 4.5 million Euros.

The third mother, Rungaria, brought Loxley (by Lesotho), who was licensed in Poland, her daughter Naomi (by Loutano), who is the mother of the licensed stallion Ritorno (by Rubin Cortes), and her son Calvaro (by Calvadur), who was successful with the four-in-hand driver Michael Freund.

From the dam-line also come the stallions Conello (by Coriano), Landewin (by Linaro), Der Don (by Don Noblesse), Los Christianos (by Los Angeles), Quasar (by Quidam de Revel), Quineiro (by Quintero), Consor (by Cor de la Bryere), Cleveland (by Calypso I), Alnat (by Armand xx), De Kooning (by Donnerhall), Armagnac (by Armand xx), Cardalco (by Carpaccio), Coriano Carthago (by Coriano), Auheim's Cosmo Brown (by Calato), Candyman (by Casall Ask), Fischerincantas (by Ibisco xx), Clisanto (by Clinton I), Clear Round Clever (by Casall Ask), Grant I (by Gaugraf), Grant II (by Gaugraf), as well as numerous international show-jumping horses.

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